No, this is not a Best Teacher Award Nomination: Just A True Tale



Having been taught by Mdm M Tan since Secondary One , it was an enthralling experience like no other. English Language is not an easy subject for one to teach. It is one subject which requires a teacher to make a difference – for me at least. 

When Mdm Tan walked in, she did not have to make her presence felt. In her silent ways, she gains the respect of her students. She was a stern teacher who tolerated nothing less than perfection which was justified considering the tremendous amount of effort she put in for us. Assignments were promptly marked and returned within a week of submission. There was no question about her efficiency, at times unbelievably robotic but we soon realised that she did it all for the good of her students; her first and foremost priority.

For the first time, here was a teacher who genuinely appreciated my writing. That triggered my love for writing which carries me through my studies till today. That very year, under Mdm Marjorie Tan, I clinched both the Top Student in English Award and Top Student in Literature Award. Till today, the awards remind of the teacher who made it happen. She also nurtures confidence in her students, encouraging them not to be afraid and to always do their best. Under her tutelage, I ventured into writing short stories and poems. Four novels later, if there is one person I thank (besides God and my family of course), is Mdm Tan.                            


Mr[Dr] RR Pravin ACS(Independent), NUS Medicine Yr 3 [I’m so proud of you! Mdm]

Dear Mrs Tan

Please set up a tuition centre called Tan out of Ten [??Is that a pun??]. I am very blessed to have had your class for the better part of the of the last four years. I think you’ve shaped me as a thinker and a learner, and a person of good upbringing [one who does not throw bags at others!].


In all seriousness, you’ve been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, mainly because in addition to making stringent demands of us, you also cared about us as individuals and people.

You’re one of the most qualified teachers I know, and certainly the best Literature teacher I’ve had the privilege of being taught by at T**. I hope you like the farewell gifts! P/S anticipate my college essays in a couple of years HAHA.


[I am sure your qualities speak for themselves! Mrs M]

Ms Joyce Er, RGSS RHA [potential Oxbridge Prof!]











Dearest Mrs Tan


Thank you for being my T** teacher since I was a Primary 6 student, unsure and insecure about the PSLE.


Over the years, your tutelage and guidance has improved me tremendously, in tangible and intangible ways alike. The subject matter was English, yet you taught us that which is in the periphery but is no less important in life, such as the value of thinking deeply, the importance of open enquiry and countless other lessons difficult to articulate.


The weekly 2 hour sessions allowed me to stay productive outside of the school environment, prodding me to ponder current affairs, philosophy, politics and ethics, just to name a few. +++



[I will always treasure your gift of an essay! Mrs M.]       


Ms Clara Yeo,

Nanyang Primary,NUS High [potential A*Scholar]









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