Role of English Tuition & Enrichment 







There are many reasons why you may be looking for English tuition:


  • to top up state education

  • to neutralise a disruptive classroom environment

  • to help your child with a ‘problem’ subject

  • to inspire & to enrich and expand the curriculum


Much More Than English Tuition


If I could break down how to become outstanding at English at all levels in just four letters, I would undoubtedly sing “R – E – A – D”. My experience has shown that at least 75% of success in English is down to reading lots and reading regularly. The great thing is, you don't even need an English tutor for this to work!


Alongside having a student grow passionate about reading, I like to boost writing skills by teaching a backbone skill set of deep and accessible grammatical knowledge. This is not just knowing the difference between your verbs and prepositions; this is a deep understanding of how the English language creates meaning.


Once this 'language' has been understood, then grammar and eloquent style flow naturally as the student now understands the solid rules of what makes good or bad writing. From this position, creative writing, persuasive writing, descriptive writing or any other style become effortless. It sounds complicated, but once they understand the language, they learn to take control of what many people see as a highly ungraspable subject.