Primary School English Enrichment Programme


PSLE preparation [Primary 5 - Primary 6]




We train students to think about their thinking. With a special focus on the challenging new PSLE syllabus, we hope to nurture students who are independent learners capable of creative thinking.



The syllabus components include Composition writing, Comprehension analysis, Skills-focused workshops, Oral Communication and Simulated test situations.



We believe in value-adding. Students will build their confidence via individual oral presentations for functional, academic or creative purposes. Feedback will always be formative and create a positive learning environment.  






Primary School English Programme [Primary 3 - Primary 4]

Research has shown that a strong foundation in the English Language is essential for academic success.



Hence, we have adopted a systematic approach to teaching language skills with an emphasis on grammar and spoken English, using rich texts and a variety of language resources to enable pupils to appreciate the language beyond the classroom. 




We hope to expand our subject focus areas in time to come. In the meantime, we want to focus on what we do best!