Secondary School English Enrichment Programme





Lower Secondary English Programme
To a large extent, the lower secondary school programme is less differentiated across the schools. We focus on building a strong technique and foundation for essay writing skills and comprehension skills. 
To create an appreciation of language and to aid in technique, Unseen Prose and Poetry will be part of the curriculum.
Quick Announcement: Secondary One English Headstart 

The PSLEs are over! School is not a sprint, it is a marathon! Hence, they must strive on with determination and optimism. 


There will be an eight week Secondary 1 headstart programme, starting 28th October on Tuesdays @ 4.30pm. It will focus on giving students a light-hearted & tantalising preview of the delights of the English Language at the secondary school level. This course is an excellent introduction for students who are looking at an IP or IB program where they will take Language Arts, as well as those who will take English Language and Literature as separate subjects in secondary school.  




We hope to nurture confident young ladies and gentlemen who can communicate effectively in both oral and written English. The O levels programme will ensure effective teaching & learning of Essay and Comprehension skills. A structured approach to grammar will aid in the Editing component. 
The IP programme will be a preparatory course for the A Levels. In addition to exposure to a variety of text types and exam components, the AQ will also be addressed.