International Baccalaureate 

Language Arts Programme Years 1-4


Join us for IB classes!

Two ex-ACS (I) teachers & an IBDP P2 ex-marker will facilitate coursework, ensure  practice for Paper 1 and enrich P2 set text understanding. 

Existing classes: 

ACS syllabus - based:
Yr 2 to Yr 6

MGS syllabus - based:
Only Yr 3 & Yr 4

We welcome students from other schools if the set text is aligned.  

IB Language Arts Years 1-4


This will be led by our supervisor who is an IBO certified teacher. She has also been responsible for the co-ordination of the Year 4 Language Arts team in her tenure at ACS (Independent). She is grateful for the invaluable learning experience that she has gained from what is undoubtedly a premier IBO World School.  She has since been in a premier enrichment centre in Singapore which also offers IB Lang Arts.



The programme will include set text analysis and focus on thematic analysis for the exam component.


Coursework facilitation will be necessary as the component is responsible for a large percentage of the year's grade. Students should not expect coursework creation. Ultimately, it is his or her responsbility to have pride in execution. 


IOP and IOC practice and feedback will ensure students are confident about the oral component of the programme. 


Finally, ample GLA (Guided Literary Anlaysis) practice will nurture students who are on-task and have the knowledge to discuss an unseen text meaningfully. 


IB Language and Literature Yrs 5 & 6

At present, we offer a very intensive IBDP class for IBDP Yrs 1 & 2. The class is led by our supervisor and an experienced IBDP Paper 2 marker. Classes are small and attention is maximised. 
At present, the syllabus is based on the Language and Literature Standard Level (SL). 
The syllabus will include the facilitation of the WT (Written Tasks), FOA (Further Oral Activity) and Set Text practice. IOC (Commentary) and Paper 1 textual analysis practice will ensure students are equipped for the rigours of the IBDP programme.
Please call to enquire more about the programme focus areas.