Why Us?




With over a decade's experience, we specialise in English enrichment classes for primary  and secondary school school

[O levels and IP].


We are proud to offer Language Arts for the International Baccalaureate IB programme. 


Our values are providing a nurturing environment for our students to achieve the best desired outcomes and instilling self-motivation in a fun and effective way. 


Our class sizes are small - registered 6 per class, not 12, not 17!

Classes are always 2 hours (1hr 45m - P1-3).

Essentially, QUALITY matters. 



English allows us to participate in a knowledge-based economy where English is the lingua franca of the Internet, of Science and Technology and of world trade. In a global environment of increasing challenges, we want to provide solid support for oral and written communication! 



MOE Registered Syllabus                  



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